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■ Nagahama Market Main dish course that can be chosen as fresh fish sashimi! 2 H [drinking] with all 9 items 3780 yen → 3500 yen (including tax)

■ Nagahama Market Main dish course that can be chosen as fresh fish sashimi! 2 H [drinking] with all 9 items 3780 yen → 3500 yen (including tax)

By using a coupon3500 yen

Price is tax included

  • 9items
  • 2-80persons
All-you-can-drink available

120 minutes all you can drink and the last order is 120 minutes later

Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

Recommended for party with large number of people! Includes fresh ground fish and popular pot, 120 minutes a course with drinks all you can afford! ※ + 1000 yen (including tax), our locally designated brand of sake, drinking 40 kinds of soju All you can do!

Course menu

----- First fish cooked with 3,500 yen drink unlimited course -----

■ Laying of the sea bream sashimi

~ Including fish sashimi directly sent to the market sticking to natural products ~

■ Seasonal salad

~ Fresh vegetables mixed 5 ~ Rich cheese rich delicious ~

■ Main choice

(1) Hakata cooked - In a cloudy soup boasting chicken taste, please also make homemade clams -

(2) Sharp pig tige hot pot - This year's great epidemic, in spicy, umami koku.It becomes a habit

(3) Fresh Pork Shabu - For those who are oriented towards Haeyae, click here.Pork loin and crisp

■ Grilled Anno potato foil butter

■ Seasonal Dishes

Homemade rusk and rare cheese

■ Soft Pork Sauce

It is soft and juicy pepper tailoring

■ Deep-fried season

Depending on the purchase of the day, fried chicken, tempura etc.

■ Rice

~ Wednesday with rice cook for water cooking ~

■ Dessert

~ Sweetness of the season ~

※ + 1000 yen (tax included) our locally designated brewer, all 40 kinds of soju distilled spirits drinks!

Examples of local sake: Hakkai-yama, Kubota, Seki of the west, Sakurakura collection, bunsetsu etc ...

Examples of ground distilled spirits: Fuzo Baoshan, Red Kirishima, Mt. Kan, Mt. Kanamoto, mountain cicadas, wildcats, etc ...

☆ For more information to the staff!

※ Since contents change every month, please contact directly to the shop for details.


All-you-can-drink menu

· All you can drink
· Wine (red, white), cocktail (20 varieties), wine (red, white), raw wine, beer beer (Asahi), sake, shochu (potato, wheat, rice), plum wine, , Soft drink (5 kinds)
· Local sake · ground distilled spirit
· ※ + 1000 yen (including tax), our locally designated breweries, all kinds of drinking ground drinks as well as all 40 kinds of local distilled spirits! Local sake examples: Hachihama, Kubota, Seki Seishin, Sakurakuza, Yuza, etc. ... Shochu example: Red Kirishima, Mt. Mitake, Kanpachi, mountain cicadas, wildcats, etc ... etc ...

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